Earth One Studio

World Class Recording in Luxury Rustic Ambience

Equipment List

Equipment List

Recording Hardware:

API 1608 Console  “Fully Loaded” Version

Discrete classic 2520 Opamp design

4x API 560 Graphic EQs

12x API 550a EQs

16x 312 vintage style API mic pre’s (as in 3124+)

4x API Arsenal Outboard MicPres

Antelope Orion 32 Interface i/o 32 in and Out

Pro Tools 12

Focal Twin 6 BE Studio Monitors

Api 2500 Mastering Compressor


Neumann U87 Condensor

 Neumann KM-84 Condensor Mics Matched Pair

AKG C414 B XLII MAtched Pair Gold Condensor Mics Matched Pair

AKG C414 Matched Pair Silver

Coels 4038 Ribbon Mic

Seinheisser 421s

Various Dynamic Mics by Sure, AKG, Senheisser

Ableton 9.7

Pro Tools 12